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Services tailored to your needs, place, and BUDGET!

We understand that the interiors create memories, provide comfort, and make life easier in numerous ways. So, planning it with utmost perfection is crucial.If you feel the same, you have the best team for your place- Rawabi Interior Design And Maintenance. As one of the most reliable decor companies in Dubai, our team consists of skilled and experienced interior designers who thoroughly consider the clients’ needs and plan out the design while considering the specified budget and lifestyle.

At Rawabi Interior Design and Maintenance, we keep an intense fascination with meeting the necessities of our customers since everyone merits an exciting style to shape their interiors and relish the best interior design.


Rawabi Interior Design& Maintenance has developed from its modest beginning 15 years back to a laid out and expanded team of lively, youthful experts, making a team of top interior designers

Office Interior Design

Rawabi Interior Design & Maintenance comprehends that your office’s office interior design Dubai ought to precisely line up with the “character” of your image and with your organization’s. 

Interior Renovation Works

Regardless of what piece of your home needs renovation works, our configuration team is talented and will work with you to make your fantasy redesign a reality – on schedule, inside your budget.

Fitout Solutions

Specialists in office fitout solutions, we make a creative work area that mirrors your image and offers a helpful workplace. Our office fit out Dubai offers arranging, planning, and assembling.

Luxury Interior

Genuine luxury home interior can’t at any point be given a particular definition. It’s a characteristic cycle that sets probably as a seed profound inside the spirit and blooms through our ordinary way of life decisions.

Kitchen Remodelling

If you have recently moved into your new house or want to transform or modernize your kitchen, you can count on us for kitchen remodeling Dubai. Our team for kitchen makeovers has experience.

Home Interior Design

Suppose you have been persuaded to think that the core of the best home interior design or luxury design is purchasing the most costly couch or gathering the most uncommon unique craftsmanship pieces.

AC duct cleaning and maintenance

Usually, a home creates around 40 pounds of residue each year. This residue is collected soil, dead skin cells, pet dander, dust, buildup, synthetic substances and other little particles. 

Curtain blinds

Curtain blinds Dubai might give off an impression of being simple, but our several years of experience have taught us that accomplishing the best custom curtain plans requires innovative knowledge.